“There’s only one human race/ “I don’t see color”—White people often say this when the conversation about race becomes uncomfortable for them in an attempt to curtail honest, painful conversation and confrontation about the realities and the devastation brought on by racism. Yes, of course, God only created one human race, yes. And, as the Biblical story of Pentecost suggests, God also created and celebrated that human race comprises diverse tribes, nations, languages, colors, physical features, and cultures. However, since the days of Moses, racial bias and racial injustice and racism have been lived out by the human race. And racism at the personal and institutional levels is still a prevailing fact of life in church and society. To “not see color” is not to see the beauty of God’s richly diverse human creation AND also to ignore the real impact of racism that affects People of Color every moment of their lives.

Excerpt from General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) For the entire article see https://www.r2hub.org/library/overt-and-covert-racism?rq=overt%20and%20covert

How do you explain privilege to those who don’t see it? This video demonstrates.

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